Distinction-level GDL revision notes for sale here!


Need a hand with your GDL course? Too much to learn and not enough time? GDL Guru is here to help.

A complete set of GDL revision notes were compiled by a student of London Bloomsbury College of Law in 2008-2009. These notes are full colour, easy to memorise and manual-bustingly concise.

They got her a distinction and could do the same for you!


£69.99 for all 7 subjects

You will receive a full colour, spiral-bound booklet of notes by first class post.

About the author and the notes

The author studied the GDL at the College of Law (London Bloomsbury) in 2008-2009, and later completed the LPC there. She did her undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.

Each workshop (which can be up to 60 pages in the manual) has been condensed to only a few sides of A4, making understanding and learning the material much less daunting. The notes are easy to memorise because they aren’t just pages and pages of unbroken text – they are colourful, logically set out and contain flowcharts, tables and diagrams to help you remember things in different ways.

For the exams, the only material the author memorised was these notes – and they got her a distinction. The notes are all available to buy on this website, so now they can be a useful revision aid for you too!

GOOD LUCK in the exams!